A number of settings in both Android and iOS can affect whether incoming calls ring your phone or not. These range from system Do Not Disturb settings on iOS and Android to some Battery Optimization features on Android. Read below on various issues that might be affecting incoming calls.

iOS and Android Do No Disturb Settings

Both iOS and Android provide ways to enable a Do No Disturb feature that will silence all notifications and incoming calls. Our mobile apps will honor these settings and silence incoming calls if enabled. If your phone is not ringing on incoming calls, check the following:

On iOS, go to Settings, Do Not Disturb and verify that Do Not Disturb is off.

Most Android versions provide a quick Do Not Disturb option from the main pull down menu. On the home screen, swipe down from the top bar. Verify Do Not Disturb is off. Depending on the Android phone manufacturer, the Do Not Disturb feature may allow calls through to the phone, but simply silence the ringing when Do Not Disturb is on.

Battery optimization on Android

Most Android smartphones optimize their battery by putting the network interfaces in a low power consumption mode, which has a significant negative impact on push notifications. This can result in delayed or missed incoming calls when Android powers down the Wifi or other radios in your device. Here's how to disable the battery optimization on your Android smartphone for our apps:

Google Pixel

  1. Go to your smartphone's Settings.

  2. Tap Apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Special app access -> Battery optimization.

  3. If your app (officeXtend or nCommand Plus) is listed as "optimized," please tap on it -> "Not Optimize" -> Done.


  1. Please go to your phone settings

  2. Applications

  3. Select three-dot menu (top right corner)

  4. Select “Special Access”

  5. Select “Optimize Battery usage”

  6. Make sure the toggle switch is off for whichever of our apps you are using.


  1. Please go to your phone settings

  2. Select "Apps"

  3. Select "Advanced" (at the bottom)

  4. Select "Ignore optimizations"

  5. Press "Allowed" and select "All apps"

  6. Find officeXtend or nCommand Plus on the list and set to "Allow".

In case you have a Huwaei P30 or P30 Pro, please do this as well:

  1. Please go to your phone settings

  2. Select "Battery"

  3. "App launch"

  4. officeXtend or nCommand Plus.

  5. Toggle "Manage automatically" to "Manage manually"

  6. On the screen that will pop up, ensure the following options are toggled:

    • Auto-launch

    • Secondary Launch

    • Run in background


  1. Please go to your phone Settings

  2. Additional Settings

  3. Battery & performance

  4. Manage apps' battery usage

  5. Choose apps and select officeXtend or nCommand Plus.


  1. Please go to your Phone settings

  2. Select "Battery"

  3. Select the (...) menu in the top right corner and press "Battery optimization"

  4. Select "Apps"

  5. Select "officeXtend or nCommand Plus". (Depending on the one you have installed).


  1. Please go to your phone settings

  2. "Battery & power saving"

  3. Select "Battery usage"

  4. "Ignore optimizations"

  5. Turn on to ignore battery optimization for officeXtend or nCommand Plus.

One Plus

  1. Please go to your phone settings

  2. Select "Battery"

  3. Select "Battery optimization"

  4. Switch to the "All apps list" (top menu)

  5. Select officeXtend or nCommand Plus and choose "Don’t optimize".


  1. Please go to your phone settings

  2. Select "Battery"

  3. Tap the menu in the top right corner

  4. Select "Battery optimization"

  5. Tap "Not optimized"

  6. Select "All Apps"

  7. Find officeXtend or nCommand Plus on this list and select "Don’t Optimize".

  8. Go back to your phone settings

  9. Select "Battery"

  10. Turn Battery Saver Mode off*

* When your Motorola reaches a low level of battery (15% by default, though you can customize it), the battery saver mode automatically starts and ignores the battery optimization setting you've chosen previously, so steps 8, 9 and 10 are advisable.

Other Android devices

There are many other smaller brand smartphones available that use Android, these settings may differ. If your device is not on our list, please try to locate a similar setting as mentioned for one of the brands above and apply it to help mitigate any incoming calling issues on officeXtend or nCommand Plus.

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