On April 26, 2021, the following updates to Atlas will take place.

Porting Jeopardy Email to Partners When Port Order Jeops

A new email template has been added to notify the LNP Contact when a port order goes into Jeop status. A jeopardy occurs whenever some information regarding the port request is in error. The email will contain the port order number, the list of TNs and the jeop reason for each TN.

E911 Address List Downloadable From Atlas

A new download option has been added to Atlas to retrieve a current list of the E911 Service Addresses that are assigned to each user. In the Customers tab, Features and Services, click the E911 Address Report button in the top bar, enter the email address you would like the report sent to and click Download CSV.

The user will receive an email once the report is generated. The email will contain a link to a CSV file that can be downloaded. The link will be valid for up to 24 hours.

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