On April 26th, 2021 the following update will be loaded for the Customer Administration Portal.

Customer Email Notification Support when 911 Is Called

A new feature added to the Customer Administration Portal allows you to add a list of emails for people or groups to notify if someone in the company calls 911. The feature is added in both the Bulk Updates section and as a setting when editing a single user’s E911 settings.

Email addresses for notification can be added in one of two ways: by entering the email addresses in the portal, then selecting the users, location group or whole enterprise to apply the list to, or by editing a CSV template and uploading the changes. When building the list in the portal, simply enter an email and click the + symbol. Continue adding additional email addresses if needed. In many cases it’s best to use a distribution email list you build in your email system as this will make it easier for you to keep the list up-to-date. Once you’ve built the list, you can choose

  • Update for Select Users, then select the individual users from the list on the right

  • Update for All Users Under This Enterprise. This will automatically select all users on the right.

  • Update for All Users Under This Location, then choose the group you want to apply this list to in Select Location. All users in that group will automatically be selected.

Then click Update to begin a background task that will add the specified notification email to each user’s 911 settings.

For larger lists, or, in case you want to see what notification email addresses are set on each user, choose the Email Notification CSV Upload tab. Click the Download CSV list to get the current settings for all users.

The CSV file contains 10 Email columns for entering up to 10 email addresses per user. Once the list is filled out, upload the edited list and the changes will be applied in the background.

Additionally, the Email Notification list can be changed on individual users. An Email Notification section has been added to the existing E911 Service section.

E911 Address List Downloadable From The Customer Administration Portal

A new download option has been added to the Customer Administration Portal to retrieve a current list of the what E911 Service Addresses are assigned to each user. Click the E911 Report button, enter the email address you would like the report sent to and click Download.

The user will receive an email once the report is generated. The email will contain a link to a CSV file that can be downloaded. The link will be valid for up to 24 hours.

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