Notifications can be enabled in the Customer Administration Portal so that designated people can receive an email notification if anyone calls 911. This can be especially important in larger offices so that emergency personnel arriving in the building lobby can be immediately directed to where they are needed.

In the Customer Administration Portal, notifications can be set in one of two ways:

  • Bulk Update

  • Per User

Bulk Update

The bulk update option is available under Bulk Updates:

Choose E911 Notification from the menu. In the Bulk Update configuration, you have the option of entering the information in the Customer Administration Portal directly, or download and edit a CSV file in cases where you may need more granular selection.

Bulk Update - Portal Configuration

The configuration screen is split into two halves. On the left hand-side, you choose the list of email addresses of who you want notified (up to 10), then choose whether you want this list applied to specific users, all users in the Enterprise, or all users in a specific location Group.

In the typical scenario, a distribution email list would be created in your own email system. You might already have a distribution email list created for emergency contacts at a site. For example, those with CPR training or other critical response teams at a site would be a good choice to add for notifications.

When choosing who to apply the list to, it depends on if everyone is in one location or in multiple physical locations. If there is only one location, just choose Update for all users under this Enterprise. This ensures everyone is updated with the same email address for notifications. Then click Update to apply your changes.

If you have multiple locations, create a distribution list in your email system for the location, or, enter an email ID, then click the plus symbol and add any additional email addresses to create the list. Then, choose Update for all users under this Location and choose the location from the Select Location drop-down list. This will automatically select only the users that are in this group on the right. Click Update to apply your changes.

If you only need to apply the list to a few users, create your email list, then click Update for Selected Users, click the check box beside the name of each user on the right, and then click Update to apply your changes.

NOTE: Using Bulk Update to apply email the email list to users will wipe out any other emails that have been applied to the user in the past.

Once you click Update, a dialog will appear indicating the request has been queued. The updates will occur in the background and you can change to a different menu if you have other changes to make.

Bulk Update - CSV Option

To use the CSV option, choose the Email Notification CSV Upload tab.

Click the Download CSV link to download a pre-filled CSV file. This file will contain the current list of users that can be updated, along with 10 additional columns where you can enter up to 10 email addresses to apply.

NOTE: The first columns are there for reference so you can quickly identify each specific user. Only edit the Email1 through Email10 columns.

The pre-filled data will contain any existing data, including the list of email addresses that may already be applied to users. If you are ever in need of a list of who should be getting notified for each user, just download the existing CSV for reference.

Once you have entered your email notification addresses, save the file and then either drag-and-drop the file onto the gray box, or click Upload & Validate and find the file on your local disk to upload. First, a validation process will begin so that you can tell if the data will be imported correctly. Once verified, click Update to begin a background process to apply your list of email addresses.

Per User

Bulk Update is generally the best method to add 911 notification to users, but sometimes you have may have employees that work from home or are temporarily working at another location.

A new section has been added to the E911 Service tab. This is the same place where you would update an individual user's E911 Service Address. The setting here will show you any existing E911 email notification addresses on this user. Click the plus symbol to add any additional email addresses or the minus to remove any email addresses, then click Save to update the list.

E911 Notifications In Usage - Calling 911 and 933

Once the notification list has been applied, the list of users in either your distribution email or in the list of email addresses you entered will receive an email any time a user calls 911. The email will contain the what number made the call, the name of the user and the service address for that user. The email will come from

When you are applying your list, don't forget that you can call 933 to playback the current 911 service address provisioned for the user. Additionally, once you have enabled an email for 911 notifications, you will also get a Test Call Notification email with the same information as if an actual 911 call had been made. The body of the email will indicate that a test call was made. This is a great way to verify you have E911 setup correctly for all your users.

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