On March 29, 2021, the following updates to Atlas will take place.

Bulk Number Swaps

For business customers, a new Bulk DID Swap feature has been added in Atlas.

This feature lets you download a CSV file containing all the services and their current numbers.

You can then fill in the new numbers you want to swap to in the CSV file and choose that file to import. Simply add the new numbers in the New Phone Number column. Delete any rows that you don’t want to swap in numbers to.

Once loaded, several steps will take you through the process of validating the numbers, checking for carrier assignment (IQNT, Bring Your Own DID), and finally, starting the Assign DID background processing.

The number swaps will show on each service as they do now, and will complete in a few minutes depending on how many numbers were imported.

Changes for LNP Order Updates

A number of changes were made to improve the ability to update LNP orders that are in progress:

  1. The On Demand Activation option has been made available during an update.

  2. Order updates are now possible in all conditions except once an order is canceled, pending cancel, closed or within a 48-hour window prior to the port date.

  3. The state can be properly selected from the drop-down menu in cases where the state was entered incorrectly on an order.

  4. The Pre/Post direction option can now be un-selected if you accidentally choose the wrong option. Just choose Select again from the drop-down to return the field to it’s default.

  5. The Account Number now only requires a minimum of 1 character.

Remove Unnecessary LNP Reports

Older LNP report notification emails are being removed. The new LNP tab should be used to check status on any LNP port orders.


Fixed - Issue with SIP Trunk E911 Registration License After Cancel

Fixed an issue where a SIP Trunk E911 registration was not disassociated with a number it was assigned to when that number was canceled, resulting in the Trunk E911 registration license being unable to be reassigned.

Fixed - Issue with Hyphens/Underscores as Email Addresses for Residential Accounts

An issue was fixed where certain characters: -, +, and _ were not being allowed for use in user account names for residential customers.

Fixed - Issue With Grandstream ATAs Sometimes Failing to Provision

An issue that was sometimes causing the Grandstream ATA devices to not pull provisioning information correctly has been fixed.

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