Before a user can access the receptionist client, they will need to have a license assigned.

Assign the License in the Customer Administration Portal

  1. Find the user in the Administration / Administration and Access section of the portal (as an Admin)

  2. Edit the user

  3. Assign the license and Save

NOTE: The user must have a user seat assigned before any licenses can be attributed to itĀ 

Set up Favorites for the Receptionist Client

  1. Find the Receptionist Client service in the Enterprise Services / Receptionist section of the portal

  2. Select Monitored UsersĀ 

  3. Save

Syncing the User to the Receptionist Client Login

  1. Sync the user by having them log into the portal and pressing the SYNC icon

  2. They will log into the Receptionist client with [10 digit number] and the same password they use for Customer Administration Portal access

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