What is the recommended desktop environment?

  • Recommended browsers:

  • Windows - Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox

  • OS X – Chrome or Firefox

  • ZEN does not provide desktop support as part of the service

Product status 

  • Both the Call Recording platform web server and recording platform itself are new services subject to system administration/unavailability if the service platform requires maintenance.Any maintenance that is service affecting will occur in standard maintenance windows.Any maintenance work on the call recording platform will not affect other BroadWorks services unless a separate maintenance notice is sent with details regarding the specific activity and maintenance window.

Any Prerequisites for the call recording service?

  • End User needs to be on the BroadWorks platform with Standard or Premium Seat, or a Business Trunking User.Business Trunking recorded calls would be limited to those calls where BroadWorks is involved in the call setup.

Will we see increased bandwidth usage?

  • All recorded calls are routed through the centrally located call recording platform, meaning calls between recorded users at a service location will use WAN bandwidth, where they didn’t previously.Even if one user is being recorded, both calls will route to the central call recording platform.

What is the quality of the media file encoding?

  • Recorded calls are GSM encoded, mono, approximately 1.6Kb per second of recorded audio.

What is the storage limit per User on the recording platform?

  • The initial specification will include approximately 50 hours of recorded audio per user.As the User approaches the storage limit, the oldest files will be removed from the system.

Is additional storage available per User?Pricing?

  • We will evaluate requests for additional space on an individual case basis, we may release standardized pricing for increased media storage given sufficient demand.


Can we record just Inbound or just Outbound calls?

Yes, this is configured via a Program in the Call Recording Platform.Note, automated announcements configured as part of the BroadWorks Call Recording service are played for all call types, with the platform limiting kept calls to those indicated in the Program.An alternative configuration would be to use Pre-Alerting Announcement on Inbound calls for recording notification.

Are there additional parameters defining what calls are recorded?E.g. only record calls outside of the group, only record toll calls, etc.

  • Not at this time.

Can a User initiate On Demand call recording from a phone?

  • Yes.Feature Access Codes are available to Start, Stop, Pause, Resume calls.Polycom VVX phones support a softkey to record calls on demand, the softkey requires a specific phone configuration parameters. 

Can I export media files?Can we do this automatically?

  • Media files can be exported by supervisors ad hoc, either per call or by query.Programmatic export of media is available on an individual case basis as a custom configuration.Customer must provide SFTP server as an export target.

What is the format of downloaded media files?Is there metadata available?



  • Metadata such as tags are not available associated with downloaded media files.You can run a query within the Browse Recording screen looking for particular metadata, then download media associated with that query.

How “live” is the Live Monitoring functionality?

Live monitored audio is streamed from the call recording application that is part of the call.Lag of 5-15 seconds related to buffering an active call in live monitoring a call is within expectations.

Is Call Recording available for SIP Trunking customers in addition to Hosted PBX/UC users?

  • Call Recording is available for TNs assigned to trunking services with the following limitations:

  • Call Recording is a feature for End Users, not meant for lead TNs assigned to Hunt Groups, Call Centers, or other high volume telephone numbers.

  • Customer IP PBX/PBX must support DID, with each user assigned a DID, such that we would see trunk traffic with individual TN/DIDs assigned to each User.

  • A Customer IP PBX/PBX that originates all calls from a single TN is not a supported configuration.

Is Call Recording service HIPAA compliant?

  • This is ultimately a determination by the healthcare provider, but if recorded media contains protected health information (PHI), the answer may be no depending on the healthcare entities requirements.The recorded media is centralized, stored in secure ZEN datacenters but ultimately not physically under control of the healthcare entity.We can provide customized configurations where the call recording platform would be provided by the healthcare entity and the BroadWorks platform would handle call control – please discuss with your SE for details.

Is Call Recording service PCI compliant?

  • No, since media is centrally stored out of the end user entity’s control, it would generally not be considered PCI compliant. We can provide customized configurations where the call recording platform would be provided by the financial services or retail entity – please discuss with your SE for details.

  • Customers can also address handling phone calls where financial services information is shared with business processes, e.g. record calls for the call center agents, but if payment information is required, have those calls transferred to stations without recording enabled, or pause recording while payment detail is received.

Can Call Recording be enabled for mobile calls?

  • Any Inbound calls that are destined to a BroadWorks number but are ultimately answered on a mobile device via BroadWorks feature such as Simultaneous Ring or BroadWorks Anywhere will be recorded.

  • Any outbound calls generated from a mobile device using a BroadWorks Feature that invokes BroadWorks call control to place the call (Remote Office, CommPilot Communicator, MobileLink, etc) will also result in the call being recorded.

What are the rules for notification to users that their calls are being recorded?

  • Understanding and following any end user notification requirements are a Customer responsibility per the ZEN MSA.Federal law requires one party notification.Multiple states require two or multi party notification.

  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (48 C.F.R. Sec. 64.501http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CFR-2011-title47-vol3/pdf/CFR-2011-title47-vol3-sec64-501.pdf ) requires at least one of the following measures be taken when recording an interstate phone call:

  • Both parties consent to the recording; or

  • The recording party must give verbal notification before recording; or

  • There must be a regular electronic beep tone during recording

Does the Service support automatic notification of Call Recording?

  • Yes, automatic notification of recording is available for inbound and outbound calls, as well as for On Demand call recording.The messages are not customizable at this time.A periodic Record Call Warning Tone is also available as a configurable option.

  • Inbound notification can also be provided with customized announcements associated with other features such as Call Center entrance messages associated with a queue, or Pre-alerting Announcements at the User or Group level.

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