Your new telephony solution is packed with many advanced features that will enhance your day-to-day business activities and make your life easier. This guide is designed to help you use some of the most popular features with your new device, right out of the box.

Feature Codes

*44 Call Recording

*72 Call Forwarding Always Activation

*73 Call Forwarding Always Deactivation

*90 Call Forwarding Busy Activation

*91 Call Forwarding Busy Deactivation

*92 Call Forwarding No Answer Activation

*93 Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation

*67 Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call

*65 Calling Line ID Delivery per Call

*68 Call Park

*88 Call Park Retrieve

*98 Call Pickup

*69 Call Return

*70 Cancel Call Waiting

*99 Clear Voice Message Waiting Indicator

*55 Direct Voicemail Transfer

*78 Do Not Disturb Activation

*79 Do Not Disturb Deactivation

*66 Last Number Redial

*62 Voice Portal Access

Usage Guide

  1. The navigation keys allow you to scroll through the options on the display by pressing a display soft key and using the up or down arrow keys to navigate. Pressing the up arrow displays the recently placed calls list. Pressing the down arrow displays the recently accepted calls list. Press the left arrow key to decrease ringtone volume. Press the right arrow key to increase ringtone volume.

  2. Turning Handset On/Off: To turn the handset on or off, long press (about three seconds) the End Call key.

  3. Turning Silent Mode On/Off: To turn Silent Mode on or off, long press (about two seconds) the * key.

  4. Turning Keypad Lock On/Off: To turn the Keypad lock on, long press (about two seconds) the # key. Press the Unlock display soft key followed by the # key to unlock. Calls can still be answered while the keypad is locked.

  5. Answer a Call: To answer a call, press the Call key or the Answer soft key.

  6. Place a Call: To place a call, dial the number and press the Call key.

  7. Mute and Un-Mute a Call: To Mute while on a call, press the Mute key. To Un-Mute, press the Mute key again to un-mute the call.

  8. Set Up Voicemail: Place a call to your extension. At the prompt, you will be asked to enter a new pass code (using only 4 to 8 digits), followed by the # sign. When you are asked to verify your pass code, re-enter your pass code, followed by the # sign. Record your first and last name at the prompt, followed by the # sign. Follow prompts to also: Set up Busy greeting, Set up No Answer greeting, Set up Call Forward options. You can also customize your greeting and greeting options in the Customer Administration Portal.

  9. Forward a Call: The call forward feature will allow you to forward all the incoming calls to the desired number. Three possible call forward types are available on the DP720.
    ▪ Forward all: All the incoming calls are immediately forwarded.
    ▪ Busy Forward: Incoming calls are immediately forwarded if the line is busy.
    ▪ No Answer Forward: Incoming calls are forwarded if not answered after a period of time.
    To enable the call forward, please refer to the following steps:
    1. Press Menu (left softkey or the selection key) to bring up operation menu.
    2. Access to Call settings and then to Call Forward sub-menu.
    3. Select the account on which you want to enable/disable the call forward feature and press “Select”.
    4. Select the type of call forwarding and enter the number to forward the calls, and then press “Save” (left softkey ) to apply the settings, a prompt message will be displayed to confirm that the new settings have been saved successfully.

  10. Retrieve Voicemail Messages: The red voicemail indicator light on the handset blinks notifying you when your handset has a new voicemail message in addition to an onscreen message. To check your voicemail, dial your extension. You may also dial *62. Follow the audio prompts to listen to voicemails. Optionally, you may press the Menu soft key, then choose Voice Mail. Follow the onscreen prompts to play your voicemail messages.

  11. Access Call Lists: To access Call History, press either the up navigation key to view and select outgoing calls or the down navigation key to select accepted calls. In either list, use the up and down navigation keys to scroll through entries. For a complete call history list, press the Menu soft key, then choose Call History from the menu options. Use the navigation keys to select which call history list to view.

  12. Speakerphone On/Off: To turn on the speakerphone on an active call, press the Speakerphone key. Press it again to turn off the speakerphone.

  13. Transfer a Call: After the first call is connected, to conduct a blind transfer, press Menu key and choose Transfer. The active call will be placed on hold. Dial the number or extension.Press the Transfer soft key or the Call key and the call will be transferred.

  14. To conduct an announced transfer: Press the Menu soft key and choose New Call. The active call will be placed on hold. Dial the number or extension. Once the receiving party answers, announce the call and choose Transfer from the menu to complete the transfer.

  15. 3-Way a Call: After the first call is connected, to initiate a 3-way call, press the Menu soft key and choose Conference. The active call will be placed on hold. Dial the number or extension of who you want to conference in. Once the receiving party answers, the calls will be connected.

  16. To transfer to voicemail: On an active call, press the Menu soft key and choose Transfer. The active call will be placed on hold. Dial *55 followed by the extension and press Transfer. The call will disconnect when successful.

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