This guide applies to the following models of phones:

Polycom/Poly VVX 500

Polycom/Poy VVX 501

Polycom/Poly VVX 600

Polycom/Poly VVX 601

NOTE: The Polycom/Poly VVX 500 and VVX 600 are End of Sale and are no longer available for purchase.

Answer an incoming call

Disconnect a call

Place a Call on Hold and Resume the Call

Redial the last number called

Park a call

Dial a recent contact

Dial a favorite contact

Dial a contact from a directory

Pair a Bluetooth headset

Join separate calls into a conference

Install your VVX Camera

Forward a call

Connect a USB headset

Conduct a consultative transfer

Conduct a blind transfer

Change voicemail greetings on 500 and 600 Series

Change the displayed language

Change ringtone

Answer a call on your locked phone

Adjust the backlight intensity

Add a contact as a favorite

Activate Do Not Disturb

Access the local directory

View calls logs

Setting up Voicemail for the first time

Retrieving Voice Mail Messages

Schedule power saving hours

Restart your phone

Hoteling or Hotdesking Your Phone

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