Activating your phone is quick and easy. Just have your Activation Code handy. It is in your shipping confirmation email. Follow these simple instructions.

  1. Unpack The Phone: Verify all components were shipped.

  2. Phone

  3. Handset

  4. Handset cord

  5. Phone stand

  6. Ethernet cord

  7. Power supply (if ordered)

  8. Brick and cord

  9. Install The Phone: You must have a working internet connection.

  10. If your network is PoE-enabled (Power over Ethernet), plug the included ethernet cable into your network’s Local Area Network (LAN) port. If you need assistance in locating this port, contact your IT administrator. Locate the LAN port on the back of the phone and plug in the other end of the ethernet cable.

  11. If your network is NOT PoE-enabled, then you will need a power supply. Plug the included power supply cord into the included power brick. Plug the power cord into your power outlet. Locate the 24V DC port on the back of the phone and plug the other end of the power supply cord into your phone.

  12. Initiate The Activation Process

  13. Lift handset or press Speaker Key. The voice prompt will ask for the Activation Code. The Activation Code for each user is located in your shipping confirmation email. The Activation Code will work with any phone ordered, so please make sure that each user has the phone they requested.

  14. Input your Activation Code. If the Activation Code is accepted, the phone will automatically reboot two times and activate the extension. If the Activation Code is NOT accepted, unplug your phone, check your internet connection, then plug in your phone again.

  15. When reboot is complete, you’ll have a dial tone and your phone is ready for use. Place a test call to an outside line to verify activation is complete.

  16. Set Up Voicemail: Dial your extension then follow the voice prompts.

Refer to the specific series for more detailed user guides:
VVX300 Series
VVX400 Series
VVX500 Series
VVX600 Series

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