Conduct Business Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

One of the greatest benefits of mobility solutions is giving employees the ability to conduct business anytime, anywhere, on any device. With seamless integrated mobility, Instant Messaging with Presence, Find Me/Follow Me, and more, mobility solutions provide everything necessary to turn any device into a business phone. This is more than an increase in employee productivity; this means improved customer satisfaction, increased sales and, ultimately, a very positive impact on the bottom line.

Business Calls Anywhere

  1. No longer is business tethered to the desk. Business calls can be placed or received from anywhere. Find Me/Follow Me means all your devices can ring at once, or calls can follow you by ringing your devices sequentially. Call Forwarding allows calls to be forwarded from a business phone directly to any other number or device. And by entering a simple code, calls can be transferred instantly and easily.

  2. Any Device: These days, business does not just happen on a desk phone. Voyant lets today’s mobile workforce stay connected on desk phones, smartphones or laptops – regardless of their physical location. The Voyant mobility client, nCommand or VoyantConnect, allows smartphones and laptops to work with a business number or extension, including access to corporate directories and file sharing.

  3. IM and Presence: Voyant goes beyond voice, providing multiple ways to communicate with coworkers. nCommand and VoyantConnect make communication easy by automatically populating the user’s contacts. Then, with just a click on any mobile device or laptop, chats are initiated with one person or a group. And Presence shows, at a glance, which coworkers are available, away or busy, and lets users easily set their own status.

  4. Business Continuity: Whether due to a power failure or natural disaster, closing down, even for a few days, could destroy a business. Mobility services provide for every phone and device to work as a business phone, even if the entire office system is not available. Employees are able to continue to make calls from mobile devices or desktops, and settings like Call Forwarding can still be managed within the nCommand or VoyantConnect client or the Customer Administration Portal. Inbound calls will never be missed, and customers will never know the difference.

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