This is a seat for common areas, and is not to be associated with an individual. It includes:

  1. Extension-to-Extension Dialing
  2. Local Calling Only (No Long Distance or International)
  3. Calling Name Delivery/Retrieval on Blind Transfer
  4. Calling Number Delivery on Blind Transfer
  5. Call Logs
  6. Last Number Redial
  7. Music On-Hold
  8. Corporate Directory
  9. E911 Service


Designed for standard users, allowing them to conduct business anytime, anywhere. They include all the features of Primer, plus:

  1. Direct inward dialing number to reach this seat directly.
  2. Unlimited local and US48 long distance calling.
  3. Simultaneous Ring (One Number Access)
  4. Sequential Ringing (Find Me/Follow Me)
  5. Voicemail (including voicemail to email, email forwarding, and zero-out options)


Today’s power user needs every communication tool at their fingertips, so this seat includes integrated mobility, as well as a some collaboration tools. It has all the features of Preferred, plus:

  1. UC Client
  2. Desktop Sharing
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